Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thought I shared my tattoos I have with you guys.
Hello Kitty. If your thinking
oh god, really hello kitty? lol this actually does have a meaning to it and I don't regret it.This tattoo represents my niece Tai who is half Mexican/Japanese/Hawaiian. We call her Tai-grrrrrrrrr like a tiger. lol She looks just like hello kitty.
This photo might be offensive for some people but I really don't care. This photo is probably 2 yrs old. lol


  1. cute i like the swallow tattoo :)

  2. Since I've been following your blog I've wanted to know what 'Arcanus' means then in one of your posts I noticed you had it tattooed on your finger!(its really cool i like it!) what does it mean?? enlighten me please....
    Sam xx

  3. i loove love love the tattoo on your finger!

  4. ahahaha for a split second i thought the doodles were actual tattoos i was like whaaaaat lmao. anyway those are some cute tattys! i want some more but i just dont know of what.

  5. <3 <3
    hahah that picture of your back is offending me dude

  6. I like the swallows and the heart. I am too much of a wuss to get a tattoo!

  7. I was like... why would she tattoo a penis on her back?! you got me good there. Love that HK one, too adorable!

  8. I really love the swallows!
    Im a new follower btw :)