Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Room Inspirations

I am going to redecorate my room and here are some ideas I have in mind. I am really digging the white and blue lights and the blue paint! :)


New Hair!!

Hey Everyone! It's been so long since I have posted a blog. Sorry for disappearing on you guys but I am definitely back and will try to keep up with more blogs. :)

So I have decided that I needed a new look since I was so bored of myself. I decided to try something a little on the wild side!!! I dyed my hair Rihanna red. lol Although it doesn't look as bright in these photos since my camera sucks! :(

I am still not used to this hair. I have trouble doing my dark make up since I don't have my dark hair. :( I might go back to dark brown. We shall see how long I will last with this. :)