Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Galaxy Nails

Sorry for the mess!
Started out with two coats of black lace creme. Its not so black which is what i wanted.
Layer Starry silver glitter.

Pretty simple, a cute quick New years eve glitter nails! Hope everyone enjoyed! Thanks!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Make Up Designory Products

So I was asked by a blogger Belle (www.marybelle-belle.blogspot.com) to do a Make Up Designory review on products. So as you may know I did go to school there so I do own every product they sell. But in this case I will be completely honest, I don't like all the products they have but I do absolutely love some!!!!
I do own and use all my Make up Designory brushes when I am on the job or myself, but I do have my personal favorites for beauty and character. Today will be based on beauty!
#210 angle liner brush/ I love this!!!!! Best angled brush I have ever used! I own 4 of these!
#510 Large Fan White Brush, I love this fan brush! I own 2 of these brushes, I use them for contouring which works amazing for me! But I hate that its white and how it seems to stain after a while no matter how many time u wash this brush.

#720 large powder brush Very Soft, love the way it makes my face look
 but hate how it sheds sometimes :(

#810 smudger brush, Love this brush! Never does me wrong and have nothing bad to say about it!
#340 Large oval brush, I use this brush to either highlight or under the eye! love it!

#930 concealer brush, I like using it as a lip brush I think it works great but once again stains easily(especially with red)
#700 Angeled contour brush, I use it as a blush brush, works fab! I hate rounded fluffy blush brushes. 

#800 crease brush, I own 2 of these and i absolutely love! Great blending brushes for eyeshadows or concealer!!!!!!

Make up!!!
Loose Powder! My absolutely #1 fav thing from mud!!!!! I am deeply in love with this product! I will not wear make up unless i have this with me! I don't care if its a special occasion! My absolute favorite! whatever foundation you are using this will absolutely change it! It comes in 5 different skin shades! 

DUAL FINISH PRESSED MINERAL POWDER, I love this in DFD2, which is the deepest shade. I love using this for contouring!

Cake Eyeliner, a water activating liner I like using, Although this product must be careful when used, too much water and the product wont have the right pigment or thickness of the product, I usually wet the brush and use for perfect amount.
Fav Lipstick colors, Pink Twinkle(A light violet-pink color with a gold glint), Rose Clay(A light, natural pink-brown color), Sandy beach(An ultra-light, creamy natural color, really pale nude, love mixing this color with any of the lipsticks listed above!) and last but not least Stargazer (A warm copper color with subtle flecks of gold).
The Mud Sponges are really amazing! I prefer using this over a foundation brush any day!
On the note, The eye shadows are really nice and pigmented just not enough colors to choose from in my opinion but i do love them, foundations/concealers are really really creamy and quite heavy, its good if you mix a little with any liquid foundation to lighten it up, little goes a long way. Eyeliners don't seem to stay on much so dislike!!!!!! lip liners are like any other to me, Mascara is probably the worst product mud has! love the whole idea of being in a squeeze tube , primer not a fan of it either, probably second worst product! but I still do love mud! But the loose powders is probably my #1 fav product!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Can you kidnap my best friend Emma Marshall from London and bring her to Los Angeles please? This long distance relationship makes me sad and skype breaks down sometimes! Plus I wouldn't have any of these problems if she was here and Kabuki wants us to have sushi dates again. Thank you!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nailene Full Cover Nails

I am obsessed with Nailene Full cover nails! I got this for the price is 5.99$ at a drugstore.
I used "Garnet Red" from Santee
They are very natural looking and they feel secure and seem long lasting!  I have a bad habit of nail biting and I usually get acrylics to help me, but I feel like I am giving up acrylics for these false nails. They look feel and seem the same to me in all honesty. Plus these wont make your nails paper thin once the false nail is off.
The Nailene Kit also comes with Quick nail glue and a nail filer! I strongly recommend these! Plus its cheap and saves u money! =]

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

I have been wanting to get my face lasered but hear you could possibly have reversal results and more hair would grow. There is always a  50/50 chance you will stop growing hair on face or patients get the hair back 10% more. I really want to take a little risk but want to know if anyone has had it done and your opinions on it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This year is coming to an end & it's time to start thinking about my new year's resolution!
I have been hearing so many good things about this home work out video! I seen the before and after results on youtube and I am very impressed! When it comes to working out, I am a runner but always wanted my whole body fit! Now this time I will stop talking about it and be about it!!! Let's hope it works out! =]

#2. "Live everyday like it's your last!"
My best friend Emma will be living in Los Angeles next year, and I must say we have so many plans! Living it up like wild child's! Trying stuff together completely out of our minds where good memories are left behind each day! Sky diving, Traveling, new places, new foods, new friends,new looks, NEW EXCITING LIFE! It's time to spice up life a bit! I'm so over my soft core life! ha ha! 
Hustling my way to becoming a better successful Make up Artist! My goal is to find me a great job that will pay me great for my  hard work!!!!!!! No one said it will be easy! Being determined and ambitious and positive is the key to success!

Thanks hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's In my Make up bag?

Lancome Leopard Make up Bag.<3 
Nars Casino Bronzer, Nars Angelika Blush

  • Santee Deep pink lip liner.
  • Elizabeth Arden Rosy for lips lip liner.
  • Santee Lipsticks in Tea Rose & Fiesta
  • Beauty Treats flower mood lipstick in purple.
  • Mac Snob Lipstick.
  • Chapstick
  • Carmex chapstick! (I actually use this over my lipstick, not a fan of lip glosses really.)
  • Ulta Lip Plumper in shimmery nude. 
  • Sleep Palletes! One in The original and the other in Sunset! 
  • Jane- Drugstore brown eyeshadow in "browny points" Probably my favorite brown eyeshadow ever!
  • Hip cream liner in black
  • Maybelline eye studio gel liner in charcoal carbon. 
  • Make Up Designory cake liner which activate with water in Black and Brown.
  • Wet & Wild Ultimate brow kit(In need of a new one)
  • Ebony Pencil

  • Erase Paste from Benefit in Medium
  • Make up Designory Translucent Loose Powder in zero
  • Covergirl & olay serum primer
  • Benefit feel good primer
  • Maybelline Liquid Mousse Airbrush finish foundation.
  • Make Up Designory Loose Powder in Desert.

  • Make up Designory Matte Bronzer
  • Br Perfect blend creme foundation 
  • Dior Forever Compact. (I use this to highlight!)
  • Two mini spray bottle of H2O & 99% Alcohol
  • Loreal collagen Mascara (my favorite)
  • Wild Curls Mascara!(I mix them both)
  • Super Lash mascara in black By apple.(I use this for my natural make up)
  • Eyelash Curl from the 99 cent store(best eyelash curler ever! works better than my 30$ oone in my kit)
  • DUO eyelash adhesive in dark tone
  • Make up Designory Pot (I use this to clean my brushes or False eyelashes
  • False lash case by sonia kashuk
  • False lashes are from ardell
This is my must have make up I use every day! Love all these products! Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY slashed dress

I bought this velvet leopard dress and used it for a shoot & havent had a chance to wear it.  But after seeing the dress above i automatically had an inspiration for this dress!

My version is a bit different!

I'm using an old tshirt to demonstrate how i did it. Instead of marker I would recommend chalk on a dress or whatever you feel you would do it on! I used Marker due to the fact that the t-shirt was white. Hope u enjoyed!
My apologies for the camera, I am in need of a good one.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Mummy Cleopatra Inspiration

This was probably on of the hardest thing to do on myself! ha ha especially since I'm left handed!  I'm bummed my hair is covering the other side (which was the good side) lol some how all my halloween photos got deleted when my computer crashed. Bummer!!!! This was the only photo i got a hold of since it's on my facebook.
ha ha hope you enjoyed!

From Darkness to Dreamland

So I am a huge on spiritual books! These are my top books i have read so far and strongly recommend!!! They are life changing and these books have helped me with huge obstacles in my life. Many great things have come and I am so glad i got a hold of these books!

This one is my number #1! Its the same as The secret, but in my opinion i can just relate to this one more.

This one is my mom's and sister's favorite! I have only read the first few chapters and it is good! still waiting for my turn to read this!

These three books came together in some sort of edition. They are a bit different from the others but highly recommend!
Do you know of any good books u recommend? I am in need of more new books =]