Wednesday, January 26, 2011

99cent store Haul!

1$ False lashes! Bargain! I am huge on lashes when it comes to doing my make up. I used to buy Ardell false lashes, but really most of them are the same and i find lashes ridiculous when they are expensive.

Cotton rounds.

New Magnifying mirror.

Okay so I bought this at another dollar store next door to the 99 cent store. I like Santee's lipsticks so I decided to give this tinted moisturizer a shot.

Okay this was a dollar and to be honest I was sketchy about it. I secretly opened one when no one was looking and tested some on my hand. To my surprise this stuff actually is great! I love thick creams, and my skin is really sensitive and dry. So lets see how the results are in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys go to your nearest 99 cent store and buy those false lashes! Definitely worth it.


  1. OMG! I just saw those false lashes today at the dollar store and was debating if I should try them out or not. I didn't get them! LOL! Are they worth purchasing? I wasn't sure if they worked well or not.

  2. The S1 lashes are my favorite lashes of your selection and the price is great!

  3. great buys ,, i want to start practice how to wear falsies =)

  4. @yourstrulypam- yes they are definitely worth buying. They work really well.

    @sternchenslove- couldn't agree with you more.

    @Princess Feef- Yes you should, lashes make a huge difference if you like it dramatic. =]

  5. ooh la la marilyn monroe face cream ;)