Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walgreens Skin Care Haul!

So I have been broke lately and I have been washing my face with hand soap, putting body lotion on my face, so my skin is horrible right now! Not to mention I also ran out of make up remover. So finally I got myself 20$ which is not what I normally spend on skin care products. I go for about 40 or 50$. Anyways the Ponds creams were buy one get one free. Thank god. They are small but they will do for now. I love Ponds cold cream, it's my favorite when it comes to taking my make up off. Never tried Ponds dry skin cream, but we will see. The mint julep masque, i have been wanting to try this since i have heard so many good things about it. Finally got it, and it's cheap. I actually thought it would be around 9 or 10$. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser, I have heard good things about this product as well. I am excited to try this. I usually stick to Olay but will go back to it once I have my money. Oh by the way all this was 20$!!! WOOOHOO!


  1. I like the mint julep masque especially in the Summer when my skin tends to be more oily. Cute blog now following!

    Charlene xxxx

  2. I use the exact same cleanser and I really like it, it removes my face makeup well, but it can be drying. And I've been using the mint julep masque since I was probabaly 12 or 13 and that is a staple in my skin care. I find that it really helps tone down any redness and leaves my pores feeling and appearing smaller. Hope these products work for you!