Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Mascara

The Apple Super Lash Mascara in Black. I use this Mascara as a primer which holds the curl and gives length. After this I apply any mascara to define it. I love wearing thick mascara but my lashes always seem to fall. This has definitely made a complete change and makes my lashes definitely defined! Literally this is the ONLY mascara that holds my curl! Literally!!!!!!

Apple Mascara
This is the Rimmel Mascara Over. Now to be honest I don't like the Rimmel mascara nor will I use it at all unless I use the Apple mascara. Makes a dramatic difference! Big time! My lashes will not look like this unless I have the Apple Mascara used as a primer. Also I am aware that my brows need to be seriously done lol. I am waiting on my sister to do mine since she always does. :)
Here's an example of my eye without using the Apple Mascara, and my reason why I do not like Rimmel Mascara!

Okay so this is my natural lash! I dont have a natural curl =[.

This is it once I've used and eyelash curler.
Okay if you click this photo to enlarge you will see how gross it looks. It clumps and my didn't hold much of my curl. Big difference? I believe so. I hate this mascara alone! ha ha ha.

Hope this will help those who have a hard time to keep that lash up! This has definitely helped me! Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. I am not sure if they sell this Mascara in many countries since they usually sell this in Mexico, which is where it's made. But I do know they do sell this in the U.S. and it's cheap! It's about $2.95. You can buy it off  Ebay though! =]


  1. I see these mascaras all the time, I don't know why I haven't got one yet. And my bestfriend uses this brand and she LOVES it and I am going to bye one/ some tomorrow. I read so many great reviews too.