Monday, January 10, 2011

Unicorn Nails

This was probably the hardest to keep neat! I could not get rid of some of the glitter off the side of my nails. lol  Okay so obviously there is no unicorn in any of these nails but these colors remind me of a unicorn colors so I decided to name them Unicorn Nails. ha ha ha. This took a lot of layering of different polishes & I am actually satisfied with the outcome.
These are all the nail polishes I used for this look! Literally From right to left in the specific order. I also used a make up sponge for the solid holographic nail polishes and dabbed it on all that glitter piled up on my nails.
Also I been using Nail Tek on my nails and it has been doing wonders for my nails. My nails have been growing and looking a lot more healthier with this product. My best friend Emma actually got me this so I don't know really where to buy this from. But strongly recommend it!
So hope u liked these nails and hopefully you can show me some of your nails I can check out!
Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Damn I'm loving those nails! They must feel super heavy with all that nail polish on though. I can't wait till I quit my job so I can wear nail polish again.

  2. Woo Nailtek :D

    I miss you! These nails are so cute but I dont get how you did them lol I just woke up haha :/
    Tell me on skype later! xxx