Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show Orchid Lipstick

My BFF Emma got me the MAC Show Orchid lipstick!!!!!!!! I am obsessed!!!! I had told her I wanted hot pink lips and she bought me this lipstick<3 xoxo Love you Emma.

My camera does not pick up the pigment right, but it's much brighter and prettier! It looks a bit pale in this photo!


  1. ahhh that's gorgeous! and whiskey is just a bit strong for my tastes hahha.

  2. looks really nice ,, am tempted to buy it ,,
    is it close to Impassioned ,, or girl about town ?

  3. thats a really nice colour, im into the whole blackberry lipstick at the moment though :]
    might have to try some pink again lol xx

  4. Pretty! I hate Jack though ahah