Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite for the new year!

Sleek Pallets! I am very lucky as my best friend Emma bought me these as gifts for my bday and xmas! I have them in Bad Girl, The Original, Sunset, and Storm. 
Fav concealers at the moment! Kat Von D in Almond and Sand.
Okay so Mascaras! I love wearing lots of it and I like thick Mascara's! Although my lashes are not naturally curled I have to curl them before applying mascara and the worse part is they fall right back down! Well I found a solution to that after discovering "Super Lash Black Apple Mascara". I use this as a primer or day time for a natural look, this is the only mascara that holds my lashes even after applying other coats of a different mascara! Love it and it's cheap! Now my fav Mascara will always be Loreal Collagen Mascara! Although I do want to try the Newer version! But I will forever Love this Product! Now Bad Gal Smoldering black eye pencil! I love this for a smokey eye! Love it! this was another xmas gift from my best friend Emma!
Dermalogica Barrier Repair! I love using this as a primer! The best thing ever! This was also another gift from my best friend Emma! hahaha I am so lucky! This is by far the best product I ever had on my face! Ugh I am obsessed!
Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. Would you like to follow each others blogs??? :))) I hope we could be good friends. Take care! (>__<)

  2. aw I love sleek pallettes its my birthday is 13 days and i've asked for 3 others i already have bad girl which i always use on nights out and then the original one which was my first I love the benefit eyeliner too xx

  3. i've been using that as a primer since emma showed me it! i'm surprised you never picked it up outta my makeup bag! miss you!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

    what would we do without emma.

  4. ive been reading alot of good things about these palettes, are they worth buying?
    id love to try them,
    also do you know of anywhere i can get some apple mascara in the uk ive heard lots about that too :]

  5. yes sleek palletes r the bes!!!! They r so worth buying! @ Myles i know I am surprised too! lol
    @steffani- I am not sure if they do sell in the u.k. But i will be happy to ship you one.

  6. ahhh thanks :] how much will it cost all in all? i need a good mascara im hooked up on max factor false lash effect atm, but my lashes just dont curl they just fall back down :/
    ive just ordered a sleek pallete in storm from superdrug too cant wait to try that out x

  7. what would you do without me?

    cry. lots.

  8. omg I never want to have the thought of not having you in my life! :'(