Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This year is coming to an end & it's time to start thinking about my new year's resolution!
I have been hearing so many good things about this home work out video! I seen the before and after results on youtube and I am very impressed! When it comes to working out, I am a runner but always wanted my whole body fit! Now this time I will stop talking about it and be about it!!! Let's hope it works out! =]

#2. "Live everyday like it's your last!"
My best friend Emma will be living in Los Angeles next year, and I must say we have so many plans! Living it up like wild child's! Trying stuff together completely out of our minds where good memories are left behind each day! Sky diving, Traveling, new places, new foods, new friends,new looks, NEW EXCITING LIFE! It's time to spice up life a bit! I'm so over my soft core life! ha ha! 
Hustling my way to becoming a better successful Make up Artist! My goal is to find me a great job that will pay me great for my  hard work!!!!!!! No one said it will be easy! Being determined and ambitious and positive is the key to success!

Thanks hope you enjoyed!


  1. I always make so many New Years Resolutions but never can keep them!'live everyday like its your last' is definitely a good one, I'll try do that too xx

  2. Yeah Skype is broke for me too :(

  3. mua.emma@live.co.uk or go on facebook i'll log into my sisters?
    skype is lame :(