Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

I have been wanting to get my face lasered but hear you could possibly have reversal results and more hair would grow. There is always a  50/50 chance you will stop growing hair on face or patients get the hair back 10% more. I really want to take a little risk but want to know if anyone has had it done and your opinions on it!


  1. I don't need that, but I know someone who did it and had terrible results.
    She has got incredible scars and her ha hairs are still there!

    My aunt had laser hair removal on her body and it went well though

  2. I haven't done it myself, but I do want to. I think another blogger,, did it and you can view her updates on it here
    , but I'm not sure whether that treatment is exclusive to Britain or not. Hope this helps! xx

  3. In your pics you don't look like you have any hair on your face!!!!
    I'd be sceptical about doing anything to my face personally coz if it does go wrong it will be hard to cover up!!
    Apparently laser hair removal takes a few times to actually get rid of the hair and its quite expensive but if you do go for it, let us know how it goes!! good luck!

  4. Oops guess my comment didn't post the day.

    But anyway, I've had this done on the area around my belly button consistently for over 2 years and it didn't make much of a difference, I'd say that the hair growing in is like 10% thinner.

    My friend got it done on her face this past year and stopped because it broke her out. If you have more questions I could ask her.

    But there's this stuff called Vaniqa that you can get from the dermatologist to slow hair growth on the face.

    Hope I helped!

  5. When you consider how much money and pain you go through with regular waxing treatments, laser hair removal is much better in the long run.