Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flower Mood Lipsticks

Magic Mood Changing Flower Lipstick with Aloe Vera. These lipsticks when applied all change into a shade of pink that is suited to your body's unique chemistry and coloring. Creamy and moisturizing, these lipsticks tint your lips with long lasting color. Every woman is unique so the color that it changes for you might not be the color it changes for someone else!

I am obsessed with these lipsticks. The packaging is soo cute! Definitely my style! 

My boyfriend's sister actually gave me this product & it's currently my favorite!!! I have the purple one, I love it and I want them all. Although I was wondering if the other lipsticks has a different shade effect and they unfortunately don't. But love this product, its long lasting, moisturizes and it turns into a lip stain after, and  it's CHEAP TOO!  

here's a photo of my lips after its been on the whole day, quite lovely.

Here's the website where u can find them : http://www.zalanonline.com/product.sc?productId=22&categoryId=2

I also been on a hunt for other mood lipsticks that have a different shade effect other thank pink.I seen the Love and Beauty Mood Lipsticks on the Forever21 website. Know if they are any good? I am so curious to go buy them all! ha ha!

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