Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favorite for the eyebrows!!

If you're looking for a natural eyebrow pencil, this is the one! Ebony Pencil
Sharpen it and shape it with a nail filer. Works great!!

If you like really strong brows like I do, then maybe you will like this! Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit!  It comes in 2 five-piece sets. Soft wax, setting powder, hard angle brush and mini tweezers are included in this eyebrow set for shaping brows, defining and plucking out stray hairs.
In my opinion I love it, and I use this when I have my evening make up on. :)


  1. The red toned one looks like it might go good with my new hair huh?
    Shopping trip soon I think! <3

  2. most def!!!!! i love your new hair!

  3. That looks great! I like your hair. It has such great volume. :)

    You know what... You look like Kat Von D! lol.