Saturday, December 25, 2010

Make Up Designory Products

So I was asked by a blogger Belle ( to do a Make Up Designory review on products. So as you may know I did go to school there so I do own every product they sell. But in this case I will be completely honest, I don't like all the products they have but I do absolutely love some!!!!
I do own and use all my Make up Designory brushes when I am on the job or myself, but I do have my personal favorites for beauty and character. Today will be based on beauty!
#210 angle liner brush/ I love this!!!!! Best angled brush I have ever used! I own 4 of these!
#510 Large Fan White Brush, I love this fan brush! I own 2 of these brushes, I use them for contouring which works amazing for me! But I hate that its white and how it seems to stain after a while no matter how many time u wash this brush.

#720 large powder brush Very Soft, love the way it makes my face look
 but hate how it sheds sometimes :(

#810 smudger brush, Love this brush! Never does me wrong and have nothing bad to say about it!
#340 Large oval brush, I use this brush to either highlight or under the eye! love it!

#930 concealer brush, I like using it as a lip brush I think it works great but once again stains easily(especially with red)
#700 Angeled contour brush, I use it as a blush brush, works fab! I hate rounded fluffy blush brushes. 

#800 crease brush, I own 2 of these and i absolutely love! Great blending brushes for eyeshadows or concealer!!!!!!

Make up!!!
Loose Powder! My absolutely #1 fav thing from mud!!!!! I am deeply in love with this product! I will not wear make up unless i have this with me! I don't care if its a special occasion! My absolute favorite! whatever foundation you are using this will absolutely change it! It comes in 5 different skin shades! 

DUAL FINISH PRESSED MINERAL POWDER, I love this in DFD2, which is the deepest shade. I love using this for contouring!

Cake Eyeliner, a water activating liner I like using, Although this product must be careful when used, too much water and the product wont have the right pigment or thickness of the product, I usually wet the brush and use for perfect amount.
Fav Lipstick colors, Pink Twinkle(A light violet-pink color with a gold glint), Rose Clay(A light, natural pink-brown color), Sandy beach(An ultra-light, creamy natural color, really pale nude, love mixing this color with any of the lipsticks listed above!) and last but not least Stargazer (A warm copper color with subtle flecks of gold).
The Mud Sponges are really amazing! I prefer using this over a foundation brush any day!
On the note, The eye shadows are really nice and pigmented just not enough colors to choose from in my opinion but i do love them, foundations/concealers are really really creamy and quite heavy, its good if you mix a little with any liquid foundation to lighten it up, little goes a long way. Eyeliners don't seem to stay on much so dislike!!!!!! lip liners are like any other to me, Mascara is probably the worst product mud has! love the whole idea of being in a squeeze tube , primer not a fan of it either, probably second worst product! but I still do love mud! But the loose powders is probably my #1 fav product!!!!

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  1. I love those sponges too! Myles sent me like 10 packs of them haha <3

    Merry Christmas Gracie, I love you! XO