Thursday, December 9, 2010

My everyday Skin care routine

Mornings! When i wake up I start out by using this!
I love the mini scrub! It massages your face great and this cleanser has a great smell.
 Next I use
Now this baby has helped me a whole lot! Literally My face is flawless and so soft! My best friend Emma Marshall from had recommended it to my friend Myles, which passed on to me! lol works effin amazing! lol

Once my face soaks in with Witch Hazel I use...
I have really dry skin so this seem to help me well. =]
My nights consist of...

Make up remover.
This takes my make up off completely! I rub it all over my face till make up and dirt comes off and wipe it down with soft cotton rounds. (Also, Rite Aid's generic Ponds cold cream works really well!)
Now Face cleansers.
I absolutely love this! I add warm water to the cloth and rub together till i see some soap come out, and wash my face with it, then rinse cloth with hot water and remove excess make up. Ugh my face feels wonderful.

 I adore this product! Little goes a long way! You can never go wrong with Burt's Bees.

I always use this after cleansing my face! So twice is enough for me.
Night Creams.
So I have three night creams I love. From expensive to cheap...
This has got to be the best night cream I have ever had on my face!!!! Love love love this product! But the only problem is it's pretty pricey for the amount, but the product is worth! I wake up with my face looking so clean and fresh as if its already washed or something! Such an amazing product!
Second best night cream! Love the smell and works great!! Burt's Bees, you never let me down.
This is a really great cheap product! Never had problems with it, love it!
So this is my usual skin routine, hope you enjoyed. =]


  1. Nice to see you use Olay. Ive recently started using it and I love it!

  2. That's a lot! It's worth it though if you get flawless skin from it! Olay does help a lot of people I know. It keeps the wrinkles away! :) I've heard a lot about Burts and Bees but my skin is so sensitive that I've been dubious about it.

  3. I've never really used night cream, just wondering what exactly they're supposed to do? What kind of difference do you notice if you don't use it?

  4. @Tea: what products do u use?

    @Toni: Olay is good, but in my opinion I believe, but Burt's Bees is better! I have really sensitive skin myself and Burts Bess seems to work really great on my skin, especially since the product is known for being organic.

    @Rosario: Night creams are meant to rejuvenate and repair you skin. It's great especially if you do a lot with you face during the day. My face looks new and healthy when i wake up each morning as oppose of when I don't use night creams. Hope that helped =]

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