Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nailene Full Cover Nails

I am obsessed with Nailene Full cover nails! I got this for the price is 5.99$ at a drugstore.
I used "Garnet Red" from Santee
They are very natural looking and they feel secure and seem long lasting!  I have a bad habit of nail biting and I usually get acrylics to help me, but I feel like I am giving up acrylics for these false nails. They look feel and seem the same to me in all honesty. Plus these wont make your nails paper thin once the false nail is off.
The Nailene Kit also comes with Quick nail glue and a nail filer! I strongly recommend these! Plus its cheap and saves u money! =]


  1. These dont last more than a few hours on me :(

  2. I'ved used these! They lasted me about a week before one started to fall off :) xox

  3. i really like the way the nails blend i as if the were your own!!!!!!!!!!!!