Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santee Tea Rose Lipstick

Okay just so you know my "favorite lipstick" was snob from m.a.c! Not after meeting this baby! This Santee tea rose lipstick is very similar. The color is almost the same and I love the smell! It smells sooooo pretty! Like I just want to make out with myself! ha ha ha ha ha no but really it smells that good! & not to mention CHEAP!! ha ha 

That's the lipstick. Packaging....I know not so cute but I still love it!
So here's the result! I'm obsessed! Are you guys digging it? ;)


  1. You already know I love this :)
    But snob & gaga will always have a place in my heart hahah <3

  2. where can you buy tis brand? vie never seen it