Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's In my Make up bag?

Lancome Leopard Make up Bag.<3 
Nars Casino Bronzer, Nars Angelika Blush

  • Santee Deep pink lip liner.
  • Elizabeth Arden Rosy for lips lip liner.
  • Santee Lipsticks in Tea Rose & Fiesta
  • Beauty Treats flower mood lipstick in purple.
  • Mac Snob Lipstick.
  • Chapstick
  • Carmex chapstick! (I actually use this over my lipstick, not a fan of lip glosses really.)
  • Ulta Lip Plumper in shimmery nude. 
  • Sleep Palletes! One in The original and the other in Sunset! 
  • Jane- Drugstore brown eyeshadow in "browny points" Probably my favorite brown eyeshadow ever!
  • Hip cream liner in black
  • Maybelline eye studio gel liner in charcoal carbon. 
  • Make Up Designory cake liner which activate with water in Black and Brown.
  • Wet & Wild Ultimate brow kit(In need of a new one)
  • Ebony Pencil

  • Erase Paste from Benefit in Medium
  • Make up Designory Translucent Loose Powder in zero
  • Covergirl & olay serum primer
  • Benefit feel good primer
  • Maybelline Liquid Mousse Airbrush finish foundation.
  • Make Up Designory Loose Powder in Desert.

  • Make up Designory Matte Bronzer
  • Br Perfect blend creme foundation 
  • Dior Forever Compact. (I use this to highlight!)
  • Two mini spray bottle of H2O & 99% Alcohol
  • Loreal collagen Mascara (my favorite)
  • Wild Curls Mascara!(I mix them both)
  • Super Lash mascara in black By apple.(I use this for my natural make up)
  • Eyelash Curl from the 99 cent store(best eyelash curler ever! works better than my 30$ oone in my kit)
  • DUO eyelash adhesive in dark tone
  • Make up Designory Pot (I use this to clean my brushes or False eyelashes
  • False lash case by sonia kashuk
  • False lashes are from ardell
This is my must have make up I use every day! Love all these products! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. You are just like me, you carry alot :)Sleek palettes seem so amazing, if only i could live in the uk !

  2. Alot of make up! I wish I could bring myself to carry a makeup bag with me... can't even get myself to carry a purse!

  3. hey hun
    can you do a review on makeupdesignory products please.


  4. i need all your make up pls xxx

  5. That's a LOT of stuff! :) Thanks for sharingg!

  6. Aww!!Nars angelica blush looks so pretty!!Loved your post!!and wow you 've got a lot of stuff in your make up bag!I mostly have lipstick and lip balms!!

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